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Land Surveying and Mapping

Technical Thinking

Based on satellite, aviation and other multi-source remote sensing acquisition platforms, multi-spectral/hyperspectral image data with different resolutions and point cloud data are acquired. Through professional data processing means, digital elevation model (DEM), digital orthophoto map (DOM), digital line map (DLG) are produced to assist spatial planning of territorial resources and other applications.

  • Lidar

  • Digital Image

  • Satellite Data

Advantages of RIEGL VQ-1560i

1、2000 kHz of laser pulse emission frequency
2、Two-channel (two laser scanners) laser scanning technology with high point density
3、Parallel line scanning with uniform point density
4、Oblique and staggered acquisition to reduce the blind areas of the buildings

5、Full waveform acquisition technology for more abundant data information

Sample Data

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