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Emergency Monitoring

With UAV low-altitude remote sensing, immediate processing and interpretation of remote sensing data, remote consultation and communication on disasters, emergency command and support system in one, UAVRS emergency monitoring vehicle can give full play to the macro-monitoring of fixed-wing UAV, hovering monitoring of rotor UAV, real-time command on electronic sand table, experts’ remote joint consultation, real-time release on media, cloud-based satellite data delivery and other functions.

UAVRS emergency monitoring vehicle is "flexible, mobile, fast and efficient". When major or mega disasters strike, it can quickly go to the disaster-stricken areas and set up the frontier headquarters in time. As an emergency command and communication center, it can provide real-time and accurate on-the-spot information for the command departments at all levels, and provide visual and reliable first-hand information for leaders to make correct decision and direct the work at the front so as to improve the ability of rapid response, unified command and coordinated operation of the command department.

Fast Data Processing and Interpretation

The fast data processing system which is independently developed can accomplish fast one-touch image stitching, which is of high precision and meets the needs of rapid emergency data. At the same time, based on the latest data, the situation in dangerous geological disaster areas can be intelligently interpreted in short time, real-time and accurate disaster situation assessment data can be provided for command departments at all levels, which is the intuitive and reliable judgment basis for the correct decision-making and first-line command.

Emergency Training for Disaster
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